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i-net Clear Reports

Simply the best solution for fast and efficient reporting on your platform.

  • Task Planner to scheduler reports
  • Server Statistics and Diagnostics with Cache- and Logfile viewer
  • Document embedding for HTML, SVG and PDF
  • All-new PDF Viewer export format
  • All-new Drive application replacing the legacy Repository

What we offer

A lot of software companies create reporting tools ranging from simple quick and easy up to high performance solutions. So what makes us so special?

Recommended Entry Points

Where to start off? The following pages will give you a good point to start from your point of view:

For Department Manager For Report Designer For Developers For Administrators
New page layout dialog in i-net Clear Reports 2011

i-net Designer

The i-net Designer is a visual Report Designer. The best is: it's free of charge.

  • Design and run your reports on any platform
  • Utilize various layout elements in your reports
  • Visualize your data from any JDBC data source
  • Make use of existing Crystal Reports templates
  • Create report templates in OpenDocument format

Download i-net Designer.

i-net Clear Reports Plus

This version adds more scalability for high-performance servers. In addition to the main features it offers:

Read more about i-net Clear Reports Plus.

Individual Reporting Solution

Check out the universal and platform independent creation of professional reports free of charge and with no strings attached.


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