For Developers

You are a developer

… and want to know how to benefit from i-net Clear Reports?

Using i-net Clear Reports you can enhance your own application with a powerful reporting solution - no matter what kind of software you provide. i-net Clear Reports offers a large API that can be used by other Java applications to employ our reporting capabilities as needed. Your web applications can also make use of i-net Clear Reports using scripting languages such as PHP or ASP.

Our API has a variety of possible uses and can be used to export into a number of formats. For example, you can customize and even completely change the data source for your report at run-time (say, to switch between your MS SQL Server and your Oracle Server as required).

One of the reasons we are so proud of our API is that we eat our own dog food - our own i-net Designer, which we use for creating our own internal and product reports, has utilized the API since day one. This ensures that the API is thoroughly tested and reflects its power in a constantly used application.

During your development you will receive competent support free of charge by our developers.


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