Written Guides

  • Getting Started Guide
    First steps using i-net Designer to create your first report with and without a database connection.
  • Security Guide
    The security features of i-net Clear Reports to restrict the rights on the reports are: Report Permissions and Report Locations. But there are many more options to secure the server.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Guide
    Configure Ad Hoc Reporting, create the layouts and data source files and modify the user interface of the Ad Hoc Reporting web front-end.

Video Guides and HangOuts

Please note that our videos are being provided via our YouTube channel.


  • See some scenarios from our customers. i-net software is always interested in how you do benefit from our products.
the .NET API is available for Visual Studio from the SDK Download package
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Release Notes

The Release Notes include all changes since the selected version (excluded) until the newest version. Just select the version you are currently running and the changes document will show everything that happened since then.

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