E-mail Support Accounts

Please select the support account that matches your product or inquiry. If you have technical issues please adhere to our support procedures.

Support Category / Product E-mail
Licensing, Pricing, Updates (non technical questions) Sales@inetsoftware.de
This account is not part of the ticket system and you will not receive an automatic answer.

i-net Clear Reports / i-net Designer
report server / runtime clearreports@inetsoftware.de
i-net Designer Designer@inetsoftware.de
(See Supported Versions)

i-net HelpDesk
(in German and for
the product i-net HelpDesk only)

i-net PDFC
PDF Content Comparer pdfc@inetsoftware.de

JWebEngine jwebengine@inetsoftware.de

Other Tools E-mail
JOrtho tools@inetsoftware.de
i-net Doqua tools@inetsoftware.de
JGSitemap tools@inetsoftware.de
JavaHelp2Web tools@inetsoftware.de
Dokuwiki Plugins tools@inetsoftware.de

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