E-mail Support Accounts

Please select the support account that matches your product or inquiry. If you have technical issues, please adhere to our support procedures.

If you would like to send us your request encrypted, please use our public PGP key.

i-net Clear Reports / i-net Designer
Reporting Server / Runtime clearreports@inetsoftware.de
i-net Designer designer@inetsoftware.de
(See Supported Versions)

i-net HelpDesk
(in German and for
the product i-net HelpDesk only)

JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server
MERLIA merlia@inetsoftware.de

JDBC drivers for Oracle Server
ORANXO oranxo@inetsoftware.de

Sales Questions
Licensing, Pricing, Updates (non-technical questions) sales@inetsoftware.de
This account is not part of the ticket system, and you will not receive an automatic answer.

i-net PDFC
PDF Content Comparer pdfc@inetsoftware.de

i-net CoWork
Fast and Secure Conversations cowork@inetsoftware.de

JWebEngine jwebengine@inetsoftware.de

Other Tools E-mail
JOrtho tools@inetsoftware.de
i-net Doqua
Dokuwiki Plugins

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