i-net Designer - the free report designer program

i-net Designer is the i-net Clear Reports Report Designer tool. Using the designer you can easily convert your raw data into meaningful and expressive reports by creating so-called “report templates”.

As with i-net Clear Reports it is completely written in Java. This makes it possible to design your reports on any platform - you are not bound to the Windows operating system.

  • free of charge report designer 1)
  • design your reports on any supported platform
  • keeps you focused by being streamlined and easy-to-use
  • powerful and fast report generation engine for instant previews
  • graphical translation tool for quick and simple multi-language reporting
  • create report templates in OpenDocument-like format
  • use the i-net Designer directly from your report repository - without client installation

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Supported Template Formats

Besides the i-net Clear Reports report format, the designer also can read several third party report template formats. You can edit them and save them into the i-net Clear Reports RPT format.

Commercial use

The i-net Designer comes as Free Edition for non-commercial users. If you want to use the Designer program otherwise, please take a look at the different license options. If you already own an i-net Clear Reports commercial license, you may also download Free Designer Edition for commercial use.

i-net Designer can make use of the same data sources as i-net Clear Reports. A data source can be any JDBC or ODBC connection or a custom data source which you can provide.

It is possible to embed i-net Designer into your own Java application via API (see OEM partner section). It features multi-language support and it is part of the i-net Clear Reports Report Engine package - there are no additional charges for the i-net Designer!

i-net Designer uses a zipped file format for the report templates similar to OpenDocument.

Have a look at the documentation for i-net Clear Reports and the Designer:

see licenses for details

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