i-net Clear Reports Plus

Same Product, More Features

In addition to the standard edition, i-net Clear Reports offers a Plus version with many more features. There is no special download for the Plus version since it only depends on the license key.


Starting with version 24.4 it is possible to host a Report Drive on a running i-net Clear Reports Plus server, superseding the legacy Report Repository. This enables users to search, load, modify, store, and execute their reports directly from within their i-net Designer or using an elegant web interface. The Drive can be managed using permissions to give certain users or groups the option to view, modify and/or render report templates.

Especially in environments with multiple report designers, this provides the advantage of centralizing reports and allowing for efficient storage and organization of company-wide reports.

You can try out our Drive live on this web server.

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Task Planner

With the Task Planner it is possible to schedule the execution of reports and specify the output format. For instance, it is possible to send your summary report as PDF or RTF file via e-mail on Monday morning, 4 AM.

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In addition to the memory cache i-net Clear Reports Plus supports database and hard disk as cache medium.

With the database or hard disk cache it is possible to store more and/or larger reports for a longer time in the cache than with the memory cache. The memory cache removes the reports from the cache if there is not enough free memory for the new reports. The database or hard disk cache only removes the report if the engine cache timeout has expired, or if a larger limit is reached.

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Signing PDF Files

i-net Clear Reports Plus offers the ability to create signed PDF files. Signatures guarantee that the PDF files has not been changed since its creation. Additionally it confirms the identity of the signer with more trustworthy certificates.

In the Configuration Manager it is possible to activate and configure the creation of signed PDF files.

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