i-net Clear Reports - Drive

The Drive application is an intuitive, multipurpose file storage solution that integrates with your i-net Clear Reports server, allowing your users to store and render report templates directly from the web.

Feature Overview

  • Upload files and folders using Drag & Drop
  • Manage files and folders, using copy, move, rename
  • Zip selected files and folders, and unzip uploaded *.zip files
  • Render selected report files using available render formats
  • Start the i-net Designer to edit existing report templates
  • Configure folder permissions to allow sharing with other users
  • Sort by file properties
  • Search for files and reports



Folder Permissions

The permission concept allows users to share folders that they have created with other users in the system. By default, the root directory can only be managed by administrative users. However, they may give permissions to other users as well.

If a folder does not define its own permissions, the parent folders permissions are retained. i-net Clear Reports augments the Drive application with report execution permissions, which have to be assigned to folders in order for users to actually render reports.

In a users' home directory, they have read, write, and execute permissions by default.

Rendering Reports

Rendering reports can easily be done using double click on the report template - using the servers' default rendering format, or by first selecting the report template file and then selecting the desired export format.

Users with the Remote Designer permissions may also edit the report template by selecting the template and clicking the edit icon in the toolbar.

Actions are always also available directly on files in the drive.



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