Reporting Solution

i-net Clear Reports is a full-blown reporting solution completely coded in Java and also available for .NET. It is suitable for all sorts of applications and scenarios.

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PDF Content Comparer

i-net PDFC is an intuitive and intelligent comparison tool to see the differences in PDF files. It does not just do a simple text check but compares the actual content and structure of the files.

Quick Features

  • Content aware, not pixel-by-pixel check
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Command line access to compare multiple files
  • Server for multi-user environment

Developers can leverage of the comparison engine by accessing it using our public API e.g for JUnit or server side integration.

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Support your customers

The i-net HelpDesk is a web-based solution for support. Fast implementation and easy handling characterize the product. The i-net HelpDesk is suitable for Windows and Linux servers.

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Working together

i-net CoWork is a platform for fast, uncomplicated and intuitive text and video chats with unlimited users, teams and channels. Everything is stored only on its own server, no data is shared with third parties.

Feature overview

  • GDPR compliant text and voice chat.
  • Screen sharing from multiple screens and devices.
  • Meeting rooms for external support and small group.
  • Membership in multiple teams and channels.
  • System administrators are not automatically members.

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More products

i-net software offers a wide portfolio of software products, both for commercial use and for non-commercial use. For non-commercial use, many small and useful programs are available free of charge, while the commercial products are specifically tailored to the needs of companies.


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