i-net JDBC drivers

i-net software offers various JDBC type 4 drivers. These are platform-independent since they are entirely coded in the Java programming language. There is no middleware necessary. Such drivers have the highest performance possible since data access is established directly. Therefore our drivers are particularly useful for Java applications and web scenarios.

 In case of Java Applets you will have to use type 4 JDBC drivers. This can be done via direct connection by any of our database driver solutions or indirectly via i-net KONNEKTER. The driver products from i-net software are the best solutions in any scenario, e.g. internet or intranet purpose.

JDBC drivers from i-net software are widely used in the industry, including big companies like SAP, IBM, Cisco, Siemens, Dell, etc. The reason is that drivers from i-net software are extremely robust, highly capable and of course, very fast. In conjunction with a highly skilled support and absolutely fair and competitive prices they are the first choice.

i-net JDBC Drivers General Features

  • plattform-independent
  • 100% pure Java
  • extremely robust
  • very fast
  • direct database connection
  • SSL support (MS SQL)

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