Fully Featured

Fast, intuitive, and hassle-free text and video chat with a free 90-day trial.

Unlimited users,
teams, and

Data & Privacy

Easy installation and simple out-of-the-box configuration.

GDPR-compliant by being self hosted -
on your server or in the cloud.

Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, macOS and as a Docker container.

Outstanding Support

Free test period for 90 days with first-class support always included.

Email support provided directly by us.

Extremely short answering times on inquiries during business hours.

Talking, Chatting and More

  • Text and voice chat that just works right away
  • Intuitive and lightweight UI that won‘t bog down your system
  • No additional client required
  • Voice calls and text chat in the same channels
  • Share multiple screens at once
  • Integrated bot commands, task planning, diagnostic tools and many more features available for free from the Plugin Store

Data Security

  • GDPR-compliant - self-hosted server application
  • Everything is stored on your server only, no data is sent to elsewhere
  • Secure voice, video, and screen sharing using SSL/HTTPS
  • Additional security features, such as Two-Factor-Authentication and DDoS protection can be downloaded from the Plugin Store for free

Installation and Integration


  • 90-day evaluation phase
  • Installer available for Windows, Linux, macOS,
    and as a Docker container
  • All product features available with every license type
  • Single-Sign-On for Active Directory, OAuth, LDAP, and others
  • Unlimited users, teams, and channels

Professional Support

We provide excellent, lightning-fast support, starting with the evaluation phase up until the rollout and beyond. We respond within 24 hours on weekdays, often even faster.


The perpetual license allows one computer to use i-net CoWork for an unlimited time. The license includes all updates for free within the first year.

The 1-year license allows the use of i-net CoWork for one year after activation for one computer. The license includes all updates for free within this period.


Unlimited number of users

Deployable on internet and intranet

Limited to one physical server

Private Cloud

Unlimited number of users

Deployable on private cloud environment

Requires the server to have a fixed FQDN

Public Cloud

Unlimited number of users

Deployable on public cloud environment

Requires the server to be publicly available


Unlimited number of users

Deployable on internet and intranet

Unlimited usage within one site

Technical License Requirements


The server must be a physical server with a fixed IP address.

The server must not be located in the cloud (AWS/EC2, Azure …).

The software must not be run in a containerized environment (Docker, Kubernetes …).

Private Cloud

The server must be reachable from a pre-configured URL that has to be set up on the ConfigurationWebserverExternal visible URL.

The server's license must match the FQDN part of the configured URL.

Public Cloud

The server must be reachable on the internet using port 80 or 443 (standard HTTP/s Ports).

The server must have a verifiable external internet address (DNS lookup).


The server must have a static hostname, verifiable by DNS (no internet required).

The server must have a verifiable external internet address (reverse DNS lookup, e.g. by the companie's internet connection).

Feature License

You already own another product of i-net software, such as i-net Clear Reports or i-net PDFC? We have special deal for you: you'll get i-net CoWork text chat free of charge. That means you can download the i-net CoWork plugin from the store and start chatting right away.

Additional features, such as the CoWork Calls plugin require an additional Feature License, which is available at a special price.

Let's get started

90-day fully-featured trial, no email address required.

Testing i-net CoWork is easy

  • Download the free Trial Version
  • Test for 90 days without limitation in functionality
  • Contribute by sharing your feedback

Help is an email away

We want you to be able to be certain that our software meets your requirements before you purchase. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at cowork@inetsoftware.de.

You can also get started with our Docker Container. Just run:

docker run -d -p 7000:7000 -e CONF_listener__port=7000 --name cowork inetsoftware/i-net-cowork

System Requirements

Server Installation

  • 64-bit Operating System
  • At least Dual-Core CPU or Quad-Core CPU
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • At least 5 GB of free hard disk
  • MongoDB for optional cloud setup with multiple nodes
  • SSL/HTTPS is required for voice calls and PWA installation on the clients (Let's Encrypt is already integrated)


  • A modern browser is required.
    • i-net CoWork works best with the latest version of Google Chrome, MS Edge, Brave, Firefox, and Safari
    • Desktop Application installation of i-net CoWork using Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Microphone and optional camera for voice calls
    • Calls, as well as PWAs, require HTTPS secured connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every user have to install an application on their PC?

No, i-net CoWork only needs to be installed on a server. Using the latest browser, any user can join without additional installation.
Also: there is no user limitation.

Why is there no button for calls in channels?

The calls (voice, video, screen sharing), only work if the server is accessed through a valid HTTPS connection. Furthermore, make sure that the plugin “CoWork Calls” is installed and activated in the Store.

Are there any restrictions on the number of participants in a video conference?

Currently there is no set limit in i-net CoWork. A limit results from the available bandwidth of the individual participants. The transmission of video and audio is done between the individual browsers, which exchange data with each other via an on-the-fly mesh network, without an additional central server.

Can I test i-net CoWork extensively before purchasing a license?

Yes! During the initial setup after installing i-net CoWork, a trial license is created by our license server. This has a validity of 90 days and provides enough time to extensively test all functions, even in larger organizations.

Do I need another license if I have already licensed another i-net software product?

If you have another i-net software product with a valid license, you can install the text chat feature of i-net CoWork from the Store and use it at no additional cost. Only additional features, such as voice and video chat, require an additional i-net CoWork feature license.

Who can I contact if I have a problem with installation, setup, or other questions about i-net CoWork?

Our professional support staff is available to help with any questions or issues related to the product. Feedback is also welcome and helps us to continue to develop i-net CoWork. Simply write to us at cowork@inetsoftware.de with your concerns.

How long will I get support?

General support, including explanations and support for updates, is provided for a maximum of 5 years. Our policies for supporting released versions is detailed here.

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