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i-net CoWork 23.10.241
Fast and secure conversations using a dedicated messaging server.
Server Debian / UbuntuNov 23, 2023150 MBSHA1: DED9AE19AD3C5816F69326736DA492E0E2C4E108
Server Linux (RPM)Nov 23, 2023162 MBSHA1: CA950B51DD9E27A71288DDCD25E95AF34D4C9177
Server macOS (Apple Chip)Nov 23, 2023160 MBSHA1: 58F600870B6C5AD64F3CC84EBDCA35809049B465
Server macOS (Intel Chip)Nov 23, 2023161 MBSHA1: 0BE4FA490817506FB5B0B121BB1A2B0C8D081636
Server WindowsNov 23, 2023164 MBSHA1: 5C2E4FAE8BEF52C260100C14AEBF3B40105F9BF1
Dependency Check report of the release, created using OWASP. The archive contains various formats, including a suppression file that was used during the check.
Dependency SecurityNov 23, 2023805 KBSHA1: 3817864E19C3A1CC32FCAE30F74498F178CA4B26
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