PDF Content Comparer

Intuitive, intelligent comparison of your PDFs.

Your PDFs contain actual content, not just text or images. i-net PDFC intelligently compares the content in your files. Any differences are shown in a visually gorgeous display, akin to holding up two pieces of paper to the light.

Best of all: your data stays on your premises.

Watch a demo video or try online comparison

Desktop & Server Features

Text. Images. Lines. Tables.

Compare the style and position of virtually every element a PDF file contains.

Your PDF files contain a lot of different content elements. i-net PDFC is special because it is aware of all of them. Page headers and footers and multi-column layout are detected and handled correctly.

Images can be checked for text using Tesseract OCR.

Intuitive Usage

Intuitive Usage

See the differences at a single glance, jump right to the part of your document you are interested in. See the pages side-by-side or semi-transparently overlaying each other.

Easy Integration

With a Plus license, i-net PDFC can quickly be integrated into your own workflow. Use our extensive API or get things running via command-line. This makes i-net PDFC well-suited for being used within your favorite CI solution such as Jenkins.

A Server license brings the power of PDF comparison to everyone in your company network.


i-net PDFC compares lines, shapes, images as well as text

PDFC does not simply do a text conversion or pixel-by-pixel comparison which both lead to loss of information. We make a deep structure comparison including styles, shapes, and a lot more.

Powerful difference views

Intuitively view differences via the synchronized scrolling views side-by-side. Or check the differences as if you were holding two sheets of paper up to the light: semi-transparently one over the other.

Controlled sensitivity

Settings for the most needed options

There are not too many options - we only choose the ones that will really matter to you. You still have fine-grained control over every aspect of the comparison. And if you need even more control: the API has you covered.

Export and Report

Export the differences as report or original document with annotations

i-net PDFC lets you create summary reports about the differences in the documents. Additionally you can print or export your PDFs with highlighted differences as new PDFs. Differences will be added as annotations as well.

Exclude the unnecessary

Create text-exclusion expressions - either plain text or regular expression

There is automatic detection (and manual settings) to avoid too many differences in headers or footers. You can even exclude text or regular expression patterns from the comparisons. Concentrate on what is significantly different in the documents.

Intuitive interface

Display and jump to annotations

The UI is as straightforward as it gets. Click markers on the scrollbar to jump right in. Select search results or annotations and you'll be brought there. Double-click a marker and get all the changes in plain text. Use the arrow keys to navigate back and forth.

Key Features

Comparing is as simple as dragging two PDFs into the compare window and clicking on the compare button. The result is a simple, intuitive overview of any differences detected in the two documents.

Instead of only comparing text in the PDFs, or converting the PDFs to images and comparing those pixel by pixel like other comparison tools, i-net PDFC can intelligently compare the actual content elements in your files.

i-net PDFC is a cross platform application and runs on almost every modern operating system such as Windows, macOS, Solaris or Linux/Unix.1)

Features of the Desktop Application

  • Comparison of documents in the following formats: PDF, DocX, txt, png, jpeg, bmp, gif
  • OCR recognition and document language detection2)
  • Export results and differences report as PDF
  • Export comparison report as XLS, XLSX, ODS and RTF in addition to PDF
  • Improved Header/Footer selection
  • Improved whitespace and character separation handling
  • Improved image and gradient handling
  • All new Help-Window

If you have purchased a licensed copy of i-net PDFC for the Standard, PLUS or Server version, no data is stored outside your local installation. In cloud environments, your data is stored in the same environment in which it was configured. Your data is never accessible to third parties unless you have shared it.

Let me say that i-net PDFC is awesome.

- AppFolio

We are trying i-net PDF Content Comparer, and I have to say it is so powerful.

- StateStreet

I have evaluated quite a number of different diff tools for comparing PDF documents. Your tool is outstanding for visualizing and synchronizing results - even with many insertions.


Plus License Features

The following features enable you to integrate i-net PDFC into your own environment using build scripts, the API, or your favorite CI tool such as Hudson/Jenkins.

  • command line tool to compare PDF files or directories
    • Batch comparison of all documents in entire directories
    • share configuration with GUI and vice versa
    • fine-tuned comparison settings
    • output the difference pages as image files
    • print or create a PDF file containing the comparison results
  • no page number and page count limitation 3)
  • Supports JUnit
  • API and .NET API access to integrate PDFC in your own products
    • allows a broader access to core functions of PDFC to e.g. create custom result filters and resemble the command line functionality
    • i-net PDFC provides a library to be embedded in your server software or program.
    • OEM conditions may apply

Server License Features

Introduced in early 2018, the i-net PDFC Server is a completely new way of working with document comparisons.

It shares the same powerful comparison backend for multiple document formats - such as PDF and DocX - with the Desktop Application but also allows access to multiple users with the ability for each user to store their own comparisons.

Using the REST-ful interface, services can create new comparisons, monitor their execution and handle the results.

See a sample at our demo website or test your own documents now.

  • Data privacy: The server is set up in your own infrastructure. Documents are never send away from your server or cloud nodes.
  • Export of results and differences as PDF
  • Export comparison report as PDF, XLS, XLSX, ODS or RTF
  • Sharing of comparison profiles and results
  • Users and Groups Manager with extendable authentication backend
  • Task Planner to schedule (batch-) comparisons or create one-off tasks
  • REST-ful interface for non-interactive and automated use or website integration
  • JUnit library to compare and verify documents using an i-net PDFC Server on the network, e.g. CI integrated tests
  • Statistics and Diagnostics application to monitor the server status and manage executed comparison jobs
  • Plugin Store to add more filters, new document types or authentication backends

Comparison Application

Document Selection

The document selection in the comparison application resembles the one from the desktop. It also displays information about quotas and the selected comparison profile.

Differences overview

Differences detection

The comparison is powered by the same difference detection engine as the desktop counterpart and features the same synced scrolling mechanism too.

Detailed list of differences

Differences Details

The differences view can be accompanied by a list of all changes made to either document. A popup signals the summary of changes.

Comparison profiles

Comparison profiles

There are multiple pre-defined comparison profiles and allows the customization and creation of new profiles. Profiles can be shared for other users of the comparison application.

Export as PDF

Export as PDF

The export feature has been streamlined. It offers various options and creates an archivable PDF version of the current comparison.

Manage comparisons

Manage comparison profiles

Users can save and share comparisons with other logged in users. The management overview displays all the saved comparisons and their current state.

Users and Groups Manager

Users Details

i-net PDFC offers an all new Users and Groups Manager as well as an overhauled authentication backend which now supports OAuth with Github, Google and Facebook out of the box.

Quota restrictions

Define quotas per group or user

Quotas can be defined per group or user with a fallback to system defaults.

Power of the user

Manage comparison profiles

Users can check the information stored about them from their account settings dialog. They can also de-activate or remove their account of required.

Get Support

We provide excellent, lightning-fast support, included in your license. We respond within 24 hours on weekdays, often even faster.


Every license is bound to a single computer and can only be moved to another hardware with a license transfer. There is a free Trial Version available that allows unlimited testing for 30 days, including the GUI, Console and Server part. No data will be stored outside your local installation. The End-User Terms and Conditions apply.

The perpetual license allows one computer to use i-net PDFC for an unlimited time. The license includes all updates for free within the first year.

The 1 year license allows the use of i-net PDFC for one year after activation for one computer. The license includes all updates for free within this period.


Desktop application for side-by-side document comparison

All documents and comparison data stays on your computer


Command-line access for batch processing of documents

All documents and comparison data stays on your computer

API access for integration in custom products

Developer SDK for Java and .NET developers


Comparison of documents on the licensed server

All documents and comparison data stays on your server

Remotely access comparisons using a browser

Permission based access for multiple users

Web API access for RESTful document comparison

Scheduling of comparison tasks

There are SaaS / Cloud, Enterprise and OEM licenses in addition to dedicated single server licenses as well. Please contact sales@inetsoftware.de if you are interested.

Technical Requirements
Standard / Plus / Server
  • the server must be a physical server
  • the server must not be located in the cloud (AWS/EC2, Azure …)
  • the server must have at least one physically attached network adapter
  • the server's network connection must not be provided using a WiFi adapter
  • the software must not be run in a containerized environment (Docker, Kubernetes …)

Note: These terms apply for either the computer running the Server license or the computer running the Standard or Plus license variant.

Cloud License / SaaS
  • the server must have a static hostname, verifiable by DNS (no internet required)
  • or
  • the server must have a static verifiable internet address (VPC environments)
  • or
  • the server must have a verifiable external internet address (reverse DNS lookup)

The server may be run in a containerized environment.

Note: A Cloud / SaaS license does not allow to run either Desktop or Plus license features.

Trial Version

30-day fully-featured trial, we are not asking for your email address.

Testing i-net PDFC is easy.
We want you to be able to be certain that our software meets your requirements before you purchase. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at pdfc@inetsoftware.de.

  • download the free Trial Version
  • test for 30 day without limitation in functionality
  • test the desktop application, console commands and server as well as integration in your test environment

You can also get started with our Docker Container. Just run:

docker run -d -p 9000:9000 -e CONF_listener__port=9000 --name pdfc inetsoftware/i-net-pdfc-server
It comes bundled with a custom build and free-of-charge Java runtime based on AdoptOpenJDK
OCR requires Tesseract 4 installed on non-Windows computers
The GUI only allows one pair of PDF files to be compared at the same time and limits the amount of pages to be compared depending on the memory of your computer.

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