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i-net PDFC 4.1.138
Server with Web Application for visual comparison of PDF files. Includes extensive PDF comparison capabilities for a shared multi-user environment.
Server / Browser Application Debian / UbuntuJun 20, 201742 MB
Server / Browser Application MacJun 20, 2017101 MB
Server / Browser Application WindowsJun 20, 2017116 MB
Server / Browser Application Linux (RPM)Jun 20, 201743 MB
Desktop Application with full PDF comparison functionality with an easy-to-use interface.
Desktop Application Debian / UbuntuJun 20, 201723 MB
Desktop Application MacJun 20, 201783 MB
Desktop Application WindowsJun 20, 201795 MB
Desktop Application Linux (RPM)Jun 20, 201722 MB
Software development kit including Java and .NET API as well as a command line tool.
SDK Jun 20, 201774 MB
i-net PDFC 3.5.268
i-net PDFC requires Java 7.
i-net PDFC WindowsJan 24, 201762 MB
i-net PDFC Linux (RPM)Jan 24, 201713 MB
i-net PDFC Debian / UbuntuJan 24, 201713 MB
i-net PDFC MacJan 24, 201754 MB
i-net PDFC Linux (TGZ)Jan 24, 201713 MB

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