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Comparing PDF documents using i-net PDFC is simple to do. A quick drag-and-drop of two PDF files onto the application and a click on the start button will display every difference the two documents have.

For custom scenarios, i-net PDFC offers powerful Java and .NET APIs and a server with a REST-ful web API. This is perfect for multi-user environments and custom integrations - whether running PDF comparisons on your Jenkins CI or in your intranet.

End-user documents

Developer documents

  • API for developers to integrate i-net PDFC in existing Java applications
  • The .NET API for developers to integrate i-net PDFC in existing .NET applications is available in Visual Studio through the included dll files from the SDK.
  • Command Line Access
    Compare documents one-on-one or in batches, using the command line interface
  • Comparing on the Server
    A REST-ful web interface allows remote comparisons with an easy-to-implement set of commands

Updates and Changes

i-net PDFC is constantly being improved. We rapidly release minor versions and updates to have our customers get even small tweaks in the comparison engine as soon as possible.

Since we rely on customer input and feedback, if you are not getting the expected results for some PDF files, we ask you to contact us and send the PDF files. We will assist you in either tweaking the comparison settings or by further improving our comparison engine.

Release Notes

The Release Notes include all changes since the selected version (excluded) until the newest version. Just select the version you are currently running and the changes document will show everything that happened since then.

Show all changes.


If you have further questions or suggestions, please get in contact with our team at pdfc@inetsoftware.de.

The list is shortened to show the last eight FAQ entries only. For the complete list of FAQ entries for i-net PDFC see here.

Version Support

As you can see from the adjacent list, we offer our customers support on issues related to our products over a long period of time. We generally recommend using the latest available minor version. However, if you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

We will be happy to work with you to resolve any requests you may have for updates to versions that are no longer officially supported.

i-net PDFC is released annually with x.4 and x.10 versions. The x.10 version is considered Long-Term Support (LTS) and receives prioritized bug fixes. The x.10 version replaces the x.4 version as soon as it is released and no new features are added to x.4. Analogously, this applies to the x.10 with subsequently released x.4 version.

  • General support, including explanations and support for updates, is provided for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Critical bug fixes will be provided for a maximum of 4 years for all x.10 versions.
  • Regular bug fixes will be provided for a maximum of 3 years for all x.10 versions.
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements are provided for a maximum of one year for the x.4 versions
  • New features are only available in the latest version.

Support Overview

The following table summarizes the support and maintenance intervals for i-net PDFC:

Version General Support Critical Bug Fixes Bug Fixes New Features
x.4 Yes (1 year) Yes (1 year) Yes (1 year) Yes (next version only)
x.10 Yes (5 years) Yes (4 years) Yes (3 years) Yes (next version only)

Version Overview

The following overview gives you an overview of the i-net PDFC versions we currently support, as well as their initial release and planned end-of-life.

20.10 21.10 22.10 23.10 24.4 24.101)
General support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Critical bug fixes - Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Bug fixes - - - Yes Yes -
New features - - - - - Yes
Java Version 1.8 - 15 11 - 17 11 - 17 11 - 21 17 - 22 17 - 22
First publication 2020-10 2021-10 2022-10 2023-10 2024-04 2024-10
End-of-Life 2025-04 2026-04 2027-04 2028-04 2025-04 2029-04

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