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Create your documentation, manage reviews and follow your style.

Eclipse Update URL: https://download.inetsoftware.de/doqua/ (Eclipse 3.2 - 3.5)

Eclipse Integration

i-net Doqua is an Eclipse Plugin. Add the installation URL to your Eclipse “Manage ConfigurationNew Plugins” Dialog and get started right away.

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Standalone Variant

i-net Doqua can also be downloaded as a standalone version. There are no other prequisites than a current Java installation.
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i-net Doqua can be integrated into your JUnit testing environment. Create automated jobs to check your style and remind you to review certain documents.

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Use Case Scenarios

What we do with Doqua is to supervise our internal documentation. Our developers are brave and very good in what they do. But they are all very different in style as well. To ensure the best all-together experience for our customers we use i-net Doqua to check the documentation on a regular basis using hudson/jenkins. This ensures high-quality documents with a clean HTML structure and a lot more.

Why would you need i-net Doqua?

You have

  • … extensive project documentation
  • … a number of authors
  • … documentation to be kept up to date
  • … a style guide to be adhered to

…but your documentation tends to become outdated and the documents' styles tend to vary?

i-net Doqua can help to keep track of any inconsistencies between your style guide and the set of documents - it shows them, and even marks the lines where it thinks you will have to correct the content accordingly - so the writers are alerted that they have to follow your company style guide. You can also set certain documents as needing reviews every so often, and it will remind you to check the content.

Finally, you can preserve high quality standards for your documentation using JUnit test framework integration. If you do code reviews - why not do documentation reviews as well?


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