Licenses for other Products

i-net software offers products beside our main product lines of reporting, JDBC drivers and the customer support system. The additional products we offer are free of charge for most usage, except for the following purposes, for which we offer a variety of licensing options. Pricing information for those licenses are available in our online store. If you have any more questions please contact us and we will be happy to quickly assist you.

i-net Doqua Site Licenses

i-net Doqua is free for checking up to 100 documents per project. For maintaining more documents, there are licenses depending the number of documents per project. You can choose between the following licenses:

  • 500 documents per project
  • 2000 documents per project
  • 5000 documents per project
  • unlimited documents per project

Purchasing one of the Site Licenses allows the usage of i-net Doqua within a site (one location) of a company/organisation with the underlying restrictions of the specific license.

During the installation of the plugin you will have to accept the license agreement.

JOrtho Commercial License

This license is intended for customers who wish to re-distribute applications containing or employing i-net JOrtho. The JOrtho Commercial license allows unlimited redistribution.

By purchasing this license, you automatically accept the license agreement.

JWebEngine Watermark License

The watermark license includes a free-of-charge usage of JWebEngine with an embedded watermark in the rendered output. This license is intended for evaluation purpose and does not include re-distribution of any kind (e.g. commercial or non-commercial).
By downloading JWebEngine, you automatically accept the license agreement.

If you are interested in a full-blown license, please contact our sales team at


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