The following content is the full documentation of i-net Doqua which is included with the Eclipse Plugin.

i-net Doqua - Document Quality Matters

So what is i-net Doqua?
In short: Create your documentation, manage reviews and follow your style.

To read more, have a look at this and this.

Getting Started

To get started with a new i-net Doqua project you can either use an existing project in your Eclipse workspace or create a new one. It does not matter which type of project you choose (Java, PHP, HTML …). Add some files into the project to have a good base to work with.

You can now activate the i-net Doqua perspective.

Activation and Set Up of your Project

Activate i-net Doqua for your project by using the project's context menu - or the properties panel. In the properties dialog you will have to check the “Activate i-net Doqua for this project” first and add some file filters.

File filters determine which files will be added to the list of files which Doqua is to observe. E.g. enter **/*.html - for every html file:

  • Add the filter **/*.html
  • click “Apply” / “OK” to see the result in the Doqua Navigator.

There is now a tree that has all included documents. After short time, the "My Tasks" view will show all documents in yellow - a warning that none of the documents has a style yet.

Create Your First Styles

Open the properties dialog again, and change to the Styles sub-menu.

  • add a new style ()
  • you could enter an expression here, but to keep things simple for now, add a trigger to this style (). A trigger is an external class which checks certain factors for you.
    • In the trigger settings choose com.inet.doqua.trigger.TidyValidateHTML - a good starting point which checks your HTML files for well-formedness and validity.
  • Click “Apply” / “OK” to return to the perspective.
  • Select your project in the Doqua Navigator and take a look at the Style Assignment view. There is now the single style you have created, with an empty checkbox, meaning it has not been assigned yet.
  • Check the box and then click “Save” below to assign the style to your project.
  • Right click your project and click “Validate Selection” in the i-net Doqua context menu. Your project will now be checked and validated against the one style you assigned.

The i-net Doqua Perspective

Take a brief look at the different views. Some views are important from the start:

What's next?


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