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What is i-net Doqua and what is it good for?

A common situation is that a software project has many different developers, each which need to write documentation. Even though a certain style guide may exist, each developer ends up using a slightly different style while writing documents, or the developer forgets to keep the documentation up-to-date. The task is first of all to unify the style each developer uses by first finding and changing spots where the style guide has not been followed, then correcting those mistakes. Secondly, there is a need for reminders to regularly review certain documentation.

i-net Doqua is a framework that can help you to do just that. You tell i-net Doqua how all the documents should look like and the tool will find any inconsistencies between your style guide and the set of documents. It shows the issues and even marks the lines where it thinks you will have to correct the content accordingly.

Secondly i-net Doqua lets you tag and comment your documents. You can then specify a review cycle for each tag which is used by i-net Doqua to remind you to review the contents of each tagged document every so often.

How can i-net Doqua support a working process?

i-net Doqua integrates flawlessly as a plugin with the Eclipse IDE, so changing between applications for development and documentation isn't needed. Once set up, i-net Doqua monitors every saved change in the document and gives notice about style issues or open reviews it has found. Beside the automatic check you can enforce i-net Doqua to run a check over every project you activated i-net Doqua for or check just a single file or folder via context menu.

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