Eclipse Plugin - Connect Source Code and Documentation Development

The i-net Doqua Eclipse Plugin integrates directly into your development environment. It does not matter which programming language you're using - i-net Doqua will support your documentation style and will keep track of review issues seamlessly in the background.

Install i-net Doqua from our Eclipse Update URL (Eclipse 3.2+):


  • Make sure you have installed Eclipse version 3.2 or higher
  • The update site is

(Here are example instructions for Eclipse 3.5)

  • In your Eclipse installation open up:
    “Help” → “Software Updates” → “Find and Install”
  • Select “Search for new features to install” and hit “Next”
  • Click “New Remote Site…” and
    • Enter “i-net Doqua” as name
    • Copy the URL: into the URL field.
    • Click “OK” to close the popup
  • Deselect any sites other than “i-net Doqua” and click on “Finish”

A new dialog opens, displaying “i-net Doqua” as installation node. Mark this node and click on “Finish”. Follow any installation instructions.

After the installation succeeded, Eclipse will ask you to restart Eclipse - which is recommended - then you are ready to continue by getting to know the Doqua perspective and views.

Current Update Versions

i-net Doqua
1.0.8com.inet.doqua_1.0.8.jar1.41 MB
1.0.7com.inet.doqua_1.0.7.jar1.41 MB
1.0.6com.inet.doqua_1.0.6.jar1.41 MB
1.0.5com.inet.doqua_1.0.5.jar1.41 MB
1.0.4com.inet.doqua_1.0.4.jar1.41 MB
1.0.3com.inet.doqua_1.0.3.jar1.41 MB

Note that we recommend not manually downloading the plugin, but rather using the update site, see the instructions to the left.

Licensing Information

i-net Doqua comes free for checking up to 100 documents per project. For more documents per project there are licenses in our store. They offer 500, 2000, 5000 and an unlimited number of documents per project.

For more information, see the licensing page.


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