Basic Doqua Preferences


  • Show splash screen on plugin startup
    Displays the i-net Doqua startup splashscreen when activating the plugin in the current workspace (default: enabled)
  • Open files always in the default editor
    Doubleclicking on a resource file will always open the default editor from i-net Doqua views (default: enabled)
  • Check files automatically after saving
    Starts checking resource files after you have saved them. This will only be delayed by the Delay Time
  • Set tags as reviewed on assignment
    Assigning a new tag to a resource file will automatically review it. (default: enabled)
  • Time between review checks
    Sets the frequence of checking for reviews. (default: 5 hours)
  • Delay Time before validation
    Time between saving a resource and starting to check it. This prevents too frequent checks if you do minor changes and frequent savings of the resource file. (default: 3 seconds)
  • Action to perform for unsaved changes
    Sets the global behavior for changes to a resource file. i-net Doqua can prompt, save the changes or discard the changes when you leave a i-net Doqua view without having saved the recent changes.

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