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You can download a trial version and evaluate it 90 days for free. During the installation you will be asked for a license key. This key can be created via the setup or you can get a free trial license key from the web site.

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License keys distinguish the different terms of use. All licenses apply to the Java and .NET Editions of our software.

License Overview

Our licensing options are simple: they have no connection limitations and fit perfectly into your environment. We do not have any additional Client Access or Network User License - all we have are the following license types:

In addition you'll want to take a look at the benefits of the powerful PLUS edition available for all licenses.

Single Server License

The Single Server license is intended for customers who require to use the program materials but do not intend to re-distribute products containing or embodying the program materials. With this license i-net Clear Reports can be used over the Internet and Intranet for an unlimited number of users without additional fees for clients! The i-net Clear Reports Single Server license may only be used on a single server.

Pricing information for Single Server licenses are available in our online store.

Technical requirements

  • the server must be a physical server
  • the server must not be located in the cloud (AWS/EC2, Azure …)
  • the server must have a static, physically attached IP address that will not change
  • the server's static IP address must not be provided using a WiFi adapter

Read the License Agreement.

Site License

The Site License allows an unlimited usage of i-net Clear Reports within one site (one location) of a company/organisation. A license of this type is at least required to run i-net Clear Reports with the Docker Container.

For detailed pricing information of the Site License, please contact our sales team.

Technical requirements

  • the server must have a static hostname, verifiable by DNS (no internet required)
  • OR
  • the server must have a verifiable external internet address (reverse DNS lookup)

Read the License Agreement.

Software as a Service (SaaS) License

The SaaS License is the only license that allows to rent or lease an application that embeds i-net Clear Reports to your customers.

For detailed pricing information of the SaaS License, please contact our sales team.

Read the License Agreement.

Enterprise License

The Enterprise License allows an unlimited worldwide deployment of i-net Clear Reports within one company/organisation.

For detailed pricing information of the Enterprise License, please contact our sales team.

Read the License Agreement.

OEM License

For software vendors we offer OEM licenses that allow the integration of i-net Clear Reports into an own application and the redistribution of this application including i-net Clear Reports to customers. Depending on the volume there are different licensing models available.

If you need just a few licenses you can go for a license pool like the OEM license 10. With this license pool you can distribute i-net Clear Reports up to 'n' times (e.g., up to 10 times) with your application.

If you have large volumes you can go for the “1 Year OEM License unlimited” which grants you the right to sell as many OEM licenses - bundled with your product - as needed without counting. After one year you can decide if you would like to renew the agreement or if you would like to stop redistributing our software. Of course, this agreement can also be signed over a two or three year period. This license includes both Premium Support and Update Subscription Service at no additional charge.

Please contact our sales team.

Free Designer Edition License

i-net Designer Edition License is free of charge for non-commercial use and allows the usage of i-net Designer without additional fees. The license excludes using i-net Designer in parts or as a whole in third-party applications e.g. by embedding it.

Read the License Agreement.

Client Access and Network User License

Some companies mix their basic licenses with additional Client Access and Network User Licenses (CAL and NUL) to further restrict access to their products and to offer a broader variety of license types. We think that this is way too confusing.

That is why we decided to only have our basic types of licenses and to not restrict our customers on how many users may access i-net Clear Reports at once, or how many i-net Designers may run at the same time in the same network.

We want you to use our products as freely as possible.

Start your evaluation period now.

Besides our full licenses we offer our customers the ability to test i-net Clear Reports using a trial license. This is the only license that is limited to two connections and will only run for 90 days. The evaluation period includes free standard support.


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