Feature Matrix of the i-net Clear Reports editions

In the following feature matrix you can compare the features supported in the i-net Clear Reports editions.

The used edition depends on the license key, only. That means, to use i-net Clear Reports Plus Edition you only need a license key for the Plus edition. You can request a trial license key for both editions on our website or you can request it from our sales team.

There is no special download for the Plus edition available. With an i-net Clear Reports license key and a license key for the Plus edition you can switch an installation from i-net Clear Reports to i-net Clear Reports Plus and vice versa.

i-net Clear Reports SDK
i-net Clear Reports Plus
i-net Clear Reports  
i-net Designer
Export to all formats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Migration of Crystal Reports templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Hoc Reporting Yes1) Yes Yes Yes
Report Permissions Yes2) Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Usage - 3) Yes Yes Yes
Users and Groups Management - Yes Yes Yes
System Permissions - Yes Yes Yes
Client / Server - Yes Yes Yes
Remote Interface - Yes Yes Yes
Runs as System Service - Yes Yes -
Memory Cache Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database Cache - - Yes Yes
External Database Cache - - Yes Yes
Hard Disk Cache - - Yes Yes
Signing PDF files - - Yes Yes
Repository - - Yes Yes
Remote Report Designer - - Yes Yes
Scheduling of Tasks - - Yes Yes
XML-RPC - - Yes Yes
Embeddable in 3rd party applications - - - Yes
.NET API - - - Yes
Plugin Store - Yes Yes Yes
Only via wizard on the client side. Does not use the Dataviews from the server
Check is performed on server side
unless you own at least a Single Server license. See license agreements.

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