Users and Groups

Users and Groups Manager

Administer your users and groups
in a centralized application.

Restrict Permissions

Empower your Users

Permissions to modules and functions
can be configured in several ways.

Users and Groups Account

User Account Control

Give users the power to decide over their accounts
and show what is collected about them.


The all-new Users and Groups Manager enabled the handling of user and group information apart from the configuration. It is a more centralized way and the first time users can be fully be managed. Users are no more just their authentication information - they now have a full account which can have multiple means of authentication.

Users can be assigned to multiple groups. Previously these groups had to be provided by the authentication. The Users and Groups Manager allows the creation of custom groups now.

For more information about the User Manager please checkout the documentation.


  • Multiple login provider for the same account, eg. Windows AD and GitHub
  • Check accumulated, effective permissions of a user
  • Users can access information stored about them (GDPR)

Give it a try

You can check out the Users and Groups Manager as well as every feature of i-net Clear Reports for free in your own environment.


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