OEM Partner

  • You want to embed i-net Clear Reports into your own applications?
  • You need substantial support during the integration phase?
  • Become an OEM Partner of i-net software!

This program is intended for software companies that would like to integrate i-net Clear Reports and i-net Designer into their own application and will help OEM Partners to leverage benefits and achieve a smooth and fast integration of i-net Clear Reports technology into existing application.

Learn about scenarios in which i-net Clear Reports helps leverage the investments made in report solutions. Have a look behind the scenes of i-net Clear Reports development.

Did you know that the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 have been and will be powered by i-net Clear Reports? Hundreds of new servers with i-net Clear Reports providing reports to thousands of users are deployed by our OEM Partners every year. When will you join us?

The OEM Partner Program includes

  • OEM development version of i-net Clear Reports and i-net Designer for internal development, support and marketing purposes
  • Dedicated OEM Partner Support
  • Early access to new Technical Builds and Beta Versions
  • Priority support for new feature requests

If you have further questions about the OEM program please contact our sales department.


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