OEM Partner

  • You want to embed i-net Clear Reports into your own applications?
  • You need substantial support during the integration phase?
  • Become an OEM Partner of i-net software!

This program is intended for software companies that would like to integrate i-net Clear Reports and i-net Designer into their own application and will help OEM Partners to leverage benefits and achieve a smooth and fast integration of i-net Clear Reports technology into existing application.

Learn about scenarios in which i-net Clear Reports helps leverage the investments made in report solutions. Have a look behind the scenes of i-net Clear Reports development.

Did you know that the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 have been powered by i-net Clear Reports? Hundreds of new servers with i-net Clear Reports providing reports to thousands of users are deployed by our OEM Partners every year. When will you join us?

The OEM Partner Program includes

  • OEM development version of i-net Clear Reports and i-net Designer for internal development, support and marketing purposes
  • Dedicated OEM Partner Support
  • Early access to new Technical Builds and Beta Versions
  • Priority support for new feature requests

If you have further questions about the OEM program please contact our sales department.


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