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Why did i-net software start developing a reporting solution?

In 1999 the product i-net Helpdesk needed a reporting solution. Back at that time there was a product called Crystal Reports 6.5 - but it proved to be unqualified. And that is why the company decided to produce a Java based Report-Renderer on their own.

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Version 0.x (1999)

  • load and render simple Crystal Reports 6.x report files

Version 1.x (2000)

Version 2.x (2001)

  • Crosstab support and CSV export format added
  • an integrated Java Viewer (AWT) replaces the optional Viewer from Crystal Reports
  • Runtime Design Component (RDC) was added

Version 3.x (2002)

Version 4.x (2003)

  • Postscript Export format
  • DrillDown support
  • support for Crystal Reports 9 and higher format via Crystal API

Version 5.x (2004)

  • Windows NT Service (ccservice.exe) Component
    • Cache, Cluster support
    • Memory Cache, Database Cache, Harddisk

Version 6.x (2005)

  • New Features: Scheduler, JavaBeans
  • TXT Export Format
  • Text Interpretation (RTF und HTML)
  • Multiple Databases per report
  • SQL Commands
  • JDBC drivers are bundled

Version 7.x (2007)

  • Data Sources replace the old mechanism with host, catalog, user, password pairs
  • using of JFreeChart improved the Charts
  • support for transparency
  • new Java Viewer with:
    • modulare API
    • Multi Page View
    • scrolling in continious View
    • Progress bar
    • Font Embedding
    • Search the completely Report

Version 8.x (2008)

  • continious Chart
  • combined Chart
  • signed PDF files
  • Configuration Manager makes it possible to change the configuration without restarting the server. This replaces the old configuration file.

Version 9.x (2009)

  • System Permissions
  • Report Repository
  • Remote Configuration Manager
  • Image (PNG, JPEG, GIF an BMP) Export Format

Version 10.x (2010)

Version 11.x (2011)

  • Product has been renamed to i-net Clear Reports
  • all new Formula Editor
  • Problem Finder in Designer
  • Mobile Device Support

Version 12.x (2012)

  • Revamped Scheduler - contains a more user-friendly interface
  • Remote configuration manager - properties and categories reordered for clarity
  • Crosstab - features improved and added new features added
  • HTML export - now based on HTML 4 und CSS 3.0
  • ODS Export Format
  • Login types “LDAP Server” and “PAM Authentication” added.
  • Recovery Tool

Version 13.x (2013)

  • Java 7 required for Server and Designer
  • HTML Viewer is new default viewer
  • Embedding of HTML, PDF and SVG files in the
  • supports for formula fields, like text field, checkbox, button or list in PDF exports
  • PDF tags
  • Creation of Web optimized PDF files
  • Improvements for .NET version, including new .NET-only viewer
  • “interactive” sorting of report data from within the viewer

Version 14.x (2014)

  • Statistics module added to the Remote Interface
  • HTML report viewer contains searching, printing & export feature
  • Formula debugger added to the formula editor in i-net Designer
  • Error notifications - in case of an error emails can be send to the administrator
  • Error handling in the viewer - an error message box contains an email link
  • Customization of log levels per server component
  • Structural changes to enable a plugin based system

Version 15.x (2015)

  • Java VM version 8 embedded
  • .NET and Java API in ReportServer included
  • Configuration Manager reimplemented / redesigned
  • Record Selection Formula optimized
  • Report URL parameter “reports” added
  • Output format Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) added
  • Corporate Design using themes and Bootstrap

Version 16.x (2016)

  • Java 8 as minimum requirement (except Java Viewer which requires Java 7)
  • 64bit Java VM version 8 embedded
  • New Installer and Setup (msi for Windows, specific packages for other platforms)
  • Maintenance Plugin for import/export of system settings
  • Required Servlet Spec is version 3.1
  • Basic plugin support for HTML Viewer
  • AdHoc Applet no longer supported

Version 17.x (2017)

  • Scheduler has been replaced with Task Planner
  • LetsEncrypt can be updated using the Task Planner
  • Improved rendering of Reports embedded in Emails send via the Task Planner
  • SDK comes with new sample plugins and Gradle scripts to compile them
  • Standalone HelpCenter for the documentation
  • Datasources can be saved using a Maintenance Backup Task

Version 18.x (2018)

  • Users and Groups Manager added
  • Improved login system with multiple logins per account
  • Every module, as well as the HTML Viewer, run in the application frame by default
  • Event Logging System (who did what)
  • Deprecated .NET using IKVM, added .NET Bridge
  • Available as Docker Container
  • Support for Java 11

Version 19.x (2019)

  • New Datasources web interface with new Application scope and group-based sharing permissions for individual data sources
  • Redis and MongoDB persistent storage
  • Notification Center added
  • Regularly Check for Updates
  • “Stay Logged In” Feature
  • Support for multiple LDAP servers as authentication fallback
  • Custom HTTP/S header fields eg. for HSTS
  • i-net Designer with designer(s):// protocol so Java is not required for Remote Designer
  • Cookie Banner
  • Support for Java 12

Version 20.x (2020)

  • Translations plugin added
  • WebAPI plugin enhanced with web interface
  • Taskplanner support for placeholders in triggers
  • Private Cloud license for AWS VPC
  • Support for users of the Windows Group Guests
  • Support for Java 14

Version 21.x (2021)

  • Support of MongoDB as report datasource
  • MS Cassandra DB as persistence provider
  • Support for Jpeg2000 image format in Reports
  • Improved HTML Advanced and XLSX/ODS export
  • HTML Email Renderer
  • WebAPI Upload for Report Repository
  • WebAPI for rendering report files
  • Private Key Authentication for Taskplanner FTP Plugin
  • Token Authentication: Bearer + HMAC
  • Support for Java 15 and 17
  • Plugin Store

Version 22.x (2022)

  • Two-Factor authentication
  • Web-Push notifications
  • Eclipse Temurin 17 Java VM
  • Setup updates plugins
  • System Core for current major version can be updated without new installation
  • Webserver can be run on a sub-context instead of root
  • Task Planner creates groups for placeholder entries
  • New renderer output formats: DocX and JSON
  • Continuous Stacked Bar Chart
  • Simple Charts support a custom, formula based value label

Version 23.x (2023)

  • Markdown-Text interpretation
  • Linux services updated to SystemD
  • Docker container not using root user to run service anymore

Version 24.x (2024)

  • Deprecation of Report Repository
  • Introduction of Report Drive with modernized UI
  • Eclipse Temurin 21 Java VM
  • New PDF Report Viewer as output format
  • Updated selection of default report rendering format

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