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i-net Clear Reports 17.1.451
Report suite including report server, remote designer and remote GUI.
Server WindowsJul 27, 2018183 MB
Server MacJul 27, 2018177 MB
Server Debian / UbuntuJul 27, 2018101 MB
Server Linux (RPM)Jul 27, 2018104 MB
Report designer for local installtion. It does not contain the report server.
Designer WindowsJul 27, 2018126 MB
Designer MacJul 27, 2018121 MB
Designer Debian / UbuntuJul 27, 201846 MB
Designer Linux (RPM)Jul 27, 201848 MB
Web application archive to deploy i-net Clear Reports in an application server.
WAR file Jul 27, 201898 MB
Software development kit including Java and .NET API.
SDK Jul 27, 2018166 MB
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