Running Crystal Reports Templates with Java

i-net Clear Reports

With i-net Clear Reports you can run your Crystal Reports template files on any operating system that supports Java. This makes i-net Clear Reports a true alternative to larger competitors.

What do we offer?

What about my current templates?

Using your old Crystal Reports templates with i-net Clear Reports is very easy. Take a look at the details.

i-net Designer

i-net Clear Reports comes with the free i-net Designer, the equivalent to the Crystal Reports Designer program.

  • read, edit and save your Crystal Reports templates into our OpenDocument-like report file format
  • render Crystal Reports templates without a Crystal Reports server
  • accelerate the execution of your old report templates in many cases

Read more about the Designer

There are more ways to use your existing Crystal Reports templates with i-net Clear Reports. For more details see our documentation.

i-net software reputation

Our software development projects started in 1998. Boeing, Siemens and the Federal Reserve Bank are only three of our customers who have come to rely on our applications.

Learn about scenarios in which our product helps leverage the investments made in Crystal Reports while migrating to a platform-independent Java-based solution.


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