Remote Interface for i-net Clear Reports

The i-net Clear Reports Remote Interface is the most convenient way to access the report server and use its functions. The web interface contains several applications which work independently - but together allow powerful behavior.

You can open the Remote Interface in a web browser of your choice with http://<hostname>:<port> - if the report server is running using an application server an additional <servletcontext> is required. In this case you have to use: http://yourserver:9000/<servletcontext>.

There are the following modules currently:

  • Configuration Manager
    • Set up the server, customise according to style guide, set permissions
  • Users and Groups Manager
    • Configure users, groups, their permissions and authentication provider
  • Ad hoc reporting
    • Quickly create reports
  • Repository Browser
    • Manage and execute reports, stored directly on the server
  • Remote Designer
    • Create and design full-blown report templates
  • Task Planner
    • Automate recurring tasks like creating reports time-based
  • Datasources
    • Create and manage databases or other datasource for the reporting functions
  • Statistics / Diagnostics
    • Check the health of the server, peak into the log files
  • Web API
    • try out Web API requests and directly see check the output
  • Translations
    • translate or change labels of the server

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