Agile Software Development!

Heard about it yet? You have probably already noticed that i-net Clear Reports has frequent new releases. This raises the question why this is. So let's have a quick look behind the scenes here at i-net software.

The product i-net Clear Reports is being developed by Agile Software Development principles. Among other things, this means short release cycles in which we can react extremely flexibly to customer requests.

We want you, our customers, to extensively benefit from our products. Using Agile Software Development principles and short release cycles allows us to respond to your requirements the fastest way possible. Often, by the next update, you'll have your new features up and running.

That means you can expect about 4 minor releases of i-net Clear Reports per year, whereas the major release cycle is about 12-18 months.

Any feedback, questions or suggestions are appreciated! Please contact us.


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