Migration of Crystal Reports templates in i-net Clear Reports

What can you do to use your existing Crystal Reports template files with i-net Clear Reports1)?

Reports created with Crystal Reports version 6 to 8.5 can be read directly. Starting with version 9, you can use our Report Reader tool in order to re-write the reports as i-net Clear Reports reports.

On-the-Fly Migration

All report templates of Crystal Reports version 7 to 8.5 can be read natively by i-net Clear Reports server and i-net Designer. That means i-net Clear Reports reads the report template and executes it at runtime.

Starting with version 9 of Crystal Reports you will have to have a version of Crystal Reports 9 (or later) installed on the same system as i-net Clear Reports in order to be able to execute reports from Crystal Reports 9 and newer on the fly.

It is also possible to execute reports created with Crystal Reports 9 or later on a system without an installed Crystal Reports version (e.g. on Linux or Mac). Simply use the report reader tool (ReportReader.exe / ReportReaderNET.exe) on a system with Crystal Reports to re-write the templates in i-net Clear Reports's RPT format. These templates can then be used on any system with i-net Clear Reports.

Reading with i-net Designer

If you have installed i-net Designer on the same system as Crystal Reports 9 (or later) then you can read the report templates with i-net Designer and save them into the i-net Clear Reports report template format.

After saving the report template with i-net Designer into a new file you can use it with i-net Clear Reports on any system without having Crystal Reports installed.

As you can see, the ability to leverage your existing Crystal Reports templates together with our competitive pricing makes i-net Clear Reports a true alternative to Crystal Reports.

For more details, see the i-net Clear Reports documentation

Compare the output!

You want to know if your old templates will be rendered correctly? You can download our i-net PDF content comparer tool and generate the differences between i-net Clear Reports and Crystal Reports PDF output.

Known Issues

There are a few certain features of Crystal Reports templates that we are not able to access as of this point. These features either are not supported at all by i-net Clear Reports or will have to be manually set after using ReportReader to re-write your template in the i-net Clear Reports format.

  • OLE Object: OLE objects can not be read or accessed, unless they are simple images.
  • Dynamic and Cascading Prompt Fields: will be interpreted as simple, static prompt fields
  • Chart Properties: the following properties can't be read
    • Color by Group
    • Color Property Formula
    • “Use Depth” for 3D charts
    • Auto generated chart titles
    • “Do not summarize” property when a formula is chosen as the data set
  • Display String Formula: has to be set manually
  • Line Spacing for Memo Fields: will not be preserved for persistent memo fields

For more information and detailed technical information, have a look at the migration guide.

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