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i-net Clear Reports 24.4.256
Report suite including report server, remote designer and remote GUI.
Server Debian / UbuntuJun 10, 2024240 MBSHA1: 805171B4928B2C91728E38F4EC25D137EE9F56A1
Server Linux (RPM)Jun 10, 2024240 MBSHA1: 2A0C432AD006B2F93667EB7284A4F2FB1C01BFB1
Server macOS (Apple Chip)Jun 10, 2024238 MBSHA1: E338F4283E8E7A271A56AC121E426FE9DA6A71B9
Server macOS (Intel Chip)Jun 10, 2024239 MBSHA1: FC06DFDD95745F39E006B2566CC69BAEB1257C0B
Server WindowsJun 10, 2024247 MBSHA1: 1AD0F05BD8A3C08DCB6D8273E65D1C276D914B7E
Report designer for local installation. It does not contain the report server.
Designer Debian / UbuntuJun 10, 2024177 MBSHA1: 726CFF83065AD41EA4EDEBB852870D1D0941C71C
Designer Linux (RPM)Jun 10, 2024177 MBSHA1: 9702CFEEA9869060EBF6AC81C819602EB279965F
Designer macOS (Apple Chip)Jun 10, 2024202 MBSHA1: FE9DEC8C41CA2076D6C523DD56B4A229C4BF2812
Designer macOS (Intel Chip)Jun 10, 2024203 MBSHA1: 2F4B83715CDA523426F6169E070FCE4CF7BB5E60
Designer WindowsJun 10, 2024184 MBSHA1: 4A6BE1BFF4E15EC199FA1A13E0B57F183CAE103B
Software development kit including Java and .NET API.
SDKJun 10, 2024183 MBSHA1: DD101103711C57343B5FFC26DEA1994E9B2EC982
Web application archive to deploy i-net Clear Reports in an application server. The Application Server has to support the Servlet Spec 3.1 or higher.
WARJun 10, 2024158 MBSHA1: 49A7F922D739CB1C0D70A6D0E2510BF1BA1DD4C7
Dependency Check report of the release, created using OWASP. The archive contains various formats, including a suppression file that was used during the check.
Designer Dependency SecurityJun 10, 20242 MBSHA1: 3BB66C81F8C6BCE1BFD35F449213C3110EE10D3A
Dependency SecurityJun 10, 20247 MBSHA1: B7C1B12019A1A2ADD0A0E98E24DE73A088995D92
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