Corporate Design

Corporate Design is very important in many companies. They basically make up the identity of a company. i-net Clear Reports fully supports the customization of the look and feel of the product.

We support full customisation using a Bootstrap template, either from the many template generators in the web or a a theme written on your own. We also support a single system wide theme or per user themes (which are the same as available system wide.)

The following themes are examples that will be installed with every new installation of i-net Clear Reports. You can download them from this site and add them to your <installation directory>/themes folder. After opening the Appearance Category in the Configuration Manager they will automatically be loaded.

For more Information about Corporate Design in i-net Clear Reports, please refer to the Corporate Design Guide.


products:clear-reports:features:corporate-design:theme-11-custom.jpg You can choose primary colors for a custom theme that will be generated using these colors.

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