For Report Designers

You are a Report Designer

… and want to know how i-net Clear Reports supports your working procedures?

Each i-net Clear Reports license includes the free i-net Designer1). This is the core component for the creation of report template files. It is a Report Designer tool offering an easy-to-use graphical user interface with drag&drop capabilities and context sensitive help.

i-net Designer offers simple click-through wizards for otherwise tedious tasks, such as generating a simple new report, making life easier when designing reports. As a Report Designer you will not need to know a lot about databases or SQL.

Still the Report Designer tool is a highly productive application which supports experienced users as well. There are two powerful formula languages (using BASIC syntax or the Crystal Syntax) to make your reports dynamically respond to its input data. Using input parameters it is even possible to create different versions of one and the same report.

Data is usually provided by a database. You can either use a data-source wizard or SQL-statements to fetch and process the data you need. This data can then be grouped as often as you want, using the powerful sorting and grouping capabilities of i-net Clear Reports.

a Free Designer Edition is available for non-commercial use

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