The way of i-net Clear Reports: Concept

Business Intelligence, data analysis and visualization has become more and more important as the sheer amount of information has increased dramatically over the past years. It has become vital to be able to take company data and summarize, visualize, and analyze it in a way that makes it useful.

Visualize your data

Here is an overview of how you can accomplish this from start to finish with i-net Clear Reports.

Create a “report template” defining the structure and data of your report, feed it into your i-net Clear Reports server and have your report be shown in the HTML Report Viewer. Alternatively you can export it into a number of formats such as PDF, XLSX, CSV, and many others. Using the Task Planner it is possible to set up automatic report generation and have the reports be sent by email, stored on an FTP server, or archived away.

Report templates are zipped, XML-based files and can be created in a number of ways.

  • Take advantage of the free and easy-to-use i-net Designer, a graphical Report Designer which runs on any platform that supports Java.
  • Integrate our Java library into a program of your own. We also offer .NET libraries.
  • If you already have existing Crystal Reports templates, these can be read by i-net Clear Reports as well, meaning that migration is quick and easy.

The i-net Clear Reports server is completely written in Java, meaning it can be run on any platform that supports Java. It can make use of various report cache systems such as a hard drive or database cache. Also it can be used in failover or load-balancing clusters for high load or failover scenarios.

The server comes in various flavors:
  • It can be run as a servlet on a variety of application servers such as Tomcat.
  • It can be run as a stand-alone report server.
  • Integrate our Java library into a program of your own and create reports programmatically. Note that we also offer OEM licenses.

Choose your data. Get connected.

The data for the reports can be fetched from any JDBC data source. Note that there are JDBC drivers available for all major databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and so on. Many drivers are already included with i-net Clear Reports.


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