For Department Managers

You are a department manager

… and want to know how to benefit from i-net Clear Reports?

i-net Clear Reports is a powerful, multifunctional reporting solution for your business environment. After designing your reports, you can have them be automatically created and sent to you by our Report Scheduler. If you already own Crystal Reports you will benefit from i-net Clear Reports's ability to import their report template format.

Security comes first1). i-net Clear Reports supports a user and role-based permission architecture to protect your sensitive data.

Over more than 10 years, our software has become an established, mature, and trusted application. So rest assured that our product will be supported into the far future with upgrades and individual patches. Additionally you will receive free personal support with very fast response times.

i-net Clear Reports offers predictable and calculable costs during your licensing period - with unlimited support and as many hot fixes as you require.


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