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Your profession is system administration

… and you want to know how i-net Clear Reports makes your work easier?

The concept of i-net Clear Reports includes a very simple approach for setup and configuration. The setup is capable a of platform independent GUI-based installation as well as script-based installation via command line. Additionally the setup can be customized according to the most popular environments (e.g Windows, Linux, MaxOS, JBoss, WebSphere, Weblogic, IIS, Tomcat, Apache, …).

The configuration of i-net Clear Reports is GUI-based as well, making it unnecessary to manually modify confusing configuration files. Using the intuitive configuration manager remote via web access you can handle every option and have the new configuration be directly applied and used on the server.

As security is a must, i-net Clear Reports supports the authentication procedures already in place in your web server - no new user database will be needed. The configuration manager offers an easy-to-use permission configuration to allow or disallow access to folders, based on users or roles.

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