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i-net Clear Reports 23.10.295
Report suite including report server, remote designer and remote GUI.
Server Debian / UbuntuJan 17, 2024247 MBSHA1: A654E3406C6583451F6B783CE8D424390314AAF0
Server Linux (RPM)Jan 17, 2024260 MBSHA1: 41154B3D4AF0FDF71CEAB6CA3396AC33E6962D03
Server macOS (Apple Chip)Jan 17, 2024259 MBSHA1: 6648BC53B625B51E8865A7E77C1FF56E4A3AE61B
Server macOS (Intel Chip)Jan 17, 2024259 MBSHA1: 9BB37E301032C8C24756BD0684605B2EF257F2E2
Server WindowsJan 17, 2024268 MBSHA1: 7004AF99E2FE234794A48311C20AC5D3A22EE22D
Report designer for local installation. It does not contain the report server.
Designer Debian / UbuntuJan 17, 2024176 MBSHA1: 0950A2AFD6916C4AF22A41DF917390F885476743
Designer Linux (RPM)Jan 17, 2024185 MBSHA1: F1D2E6A05E2315658FC6F57C9BDAE999579CEE75
Designer macOS (Apple Chip)Jan 17, 2024207 MBSHA1: 6D7D694D94962EEF1931602350E3522E79C6F7E9
Designer macOS (Intel Chip)Jan 17, 2024207 MBSHA1: 7BCDCC2E7627F7D054337B0404ECC439E210611C
Designer WindowsJan 17, 2024192 MBSHA1: 914E9F37B39A32D1E4A49E7E276344D456F83853
Software development kit including Java and .NET API.
SDKJan 17, 2024208 MBSHA1: 141A93D85D06F6802301B43B02CE304DC7E3F906
Web application archive to deploy i-net Clear Reports in an application server. The Application Server has to support the Servlet Spec 3.1 or higher.
WARJan 17, 2024183 MBSHA1: FD09114815CEC8AB0F1EACE997F82817CD2F16D6
Dependency Check report of the release, created using OWASP. The archive contains various formats, including a suppression file that was used during the check.
Designer Dependency SecurityJan 17, 20243 MBSHA1: 735B2FB32E672025C6CAA8A8D6F7B598D701891A
Dependency SecurityJan 17, 20249 MBSHA1: 11E9D7A25B07A296D429CD066DD822E063E8D202
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