i-net Clear Reports is a flexible and powerful reporting solution for many different purposes. You can use a lot of report features to make your reports useful, clear and meaningful.

Below you will find a list of our top features. In the samples section there are lots of simple samples showing specific features supported by i-net Clear Reports. If you are interested in complex samples, have a look at the application samples.

The following features are being completed by the i-net Clear Reports Plus version features.

Platform Independent with multiple Environments

  • i-net Clear Reports runs on every platform (OS) that supports Java 1.8 - 1.9 (e.g. Windows, Unix, Solaris, OSX 10.4+, AIX). A GUI is not required for the server.
  • .NET runtime implementation runs on Windows platforms that support .NET version 3.x or higher.
  • It can be used with many application servers like Bea WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Oracle Application Server, Tomcat, Jetty, IIS, Apache. You can also integrate it in every Java application.
  • In order to use Failover and Load-Balancing, you can use i-net Clear Reports with operating system or application server cluster.
  • the setup supports GUI and text based installation. The text based installation is first choice for headless Linux/Unix systems.

Remote Interface

  • The Remote Interface is the most convenient way for administrators to configure the i-net Clear Reports Server when a direct access to the server is impossible. It currently offers the Configuration Manager, a Repository Browser, online AdHoc Reporting, an Overview of Statistics and a Datasource Configuration Manager.
  • The Interface can be activated during installation or from the standalone configuration manager.
  • There is a Standalone Configuration Manager that also runs within the browser but only allows access from the current machine. It is intended as a recovery option as well.
  • It is being secured by Permissions where features can be activated or hidden for certain users
  • The Remote interface is customizable to your Corporate Design using themes

Ad Hoc reporting

i-net Clear Reports offers a streamlined version of i-net Designer to create meaningful reports very fast and easy. Ad hoc reporting is available as browser based HTML version and can be embedded in other applications as well. The i-net Designer uses an Ad Hoc component as report wizards to easily create new reports.

See the Repository Browser. Login with user and password "demo".

See more details.


The Repository is a place where everyone can store and execute report templates directly on the server. Together with System and Report Permissions we offer an easy way to manage visibility and execution permissions for users and groups. See more details.

See the Repository Browser. Login with user and password "demo".


Permissions allow to restrict users to certain areas and functions of the i-net Clear Reports server. Administrators can set individual permissions for all available remote modules to restrict or grant certain users access to them.

See more details.

Server Statistics

Administrators have access to vital server statistics during runtime through a module on the server. It allows to see what is and was going on on the server, how many sessions there have been and which reports have been rendered.

This module also includes the former cache viewer in a visually modern interface.

In addition administrators have direct access to log files including a search engine to look for certain specifics.

Database independent

You can use data from every database with a JDBC driver or ODBC driver. It is also possible to access the data directly or via Java Beans. You can change the database at runtime or design time.

Free Visual Report Template Designer

You can install the i-net Designer on as many clients as you want - absolutely free1) of charge.

The Designer program is a easy-to-use report template designer with a lot of layout elements like charting or cross-tabs. It sports wizards for Ad Hoc report creation as well as formula editors for professional data extraction and visualization.

Read more about the i-net Designer.

Compatible to Crystal Reports

Multi-Language Reports

A single report can be available for different languages (labels and formating). The i-net Designer offers a translation dialog which helps to translate static content of your report files.

Users who access the reports will be presented with localized versions if a translation is being provided for their browser or system language.

User Interface Language support

i-net Clear Reports currently supports English, German, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese for most graphical elements. We strive to support even more languages - including yours - so we offer an online interface to submit translations.

Would you like to contribute? Let us know which language you'd like to create or contribute to and we will send you the links and credentials.

Dynamic Reports

The reports can be customize with parameters and two different scripting languages. Parameter can be set via URL, API or by the user at run-time.

Interactive sorting options are adding even more dynamic to reports.

Task Planner

You can create reports with an execution time plan and send them via email, save them onto disk or do any other custom action. See more details.

Report Permissions

There are many options to limit the visibility of reports or just for a part of a report.

(Have a look at the security guide too.)

Drill Down

With clicking a group you can show details. Our reports support unlimited grouping levels.

Output Formats

Generate your report into different output formats like Java, PDF, RTF, HTML, SVG, etc.

Many Layout Controls

Design your reports with Charts, Cross-Tabs, Fields, your custom Java Beans and many more layout elements. See the samples for an idea what is possible.

Font Embedding

Font Embedding makes your report look the same on every system. This is very important for special fonts like barcode or symbolics.

Printing Barcodes

i-net Clear Reports comes with a variety of barcode beans for e.g. 2D or QR styled barcodes. In addition you can use embedded barcode fonts or a tooling like ID Automations patent pending report formula that does not have any extra requirements.


Java is a multi-platform language offering 64-bit installations for a large number of operating systems. You can install and run i-net Clear Reports on 64-bit installations of Java and maximize the benefits of your hardware.

.NET supports 64-bit installations as well. The Setup will select the appropriate version for you.

Experience the difference

  • our product is 100% pure Java.
  • we offer a .NET runtime for developers as well
  • produces many different output formats.
  • supports many layout elements and controls.
  • can generate reports from many different data sources.
  • can be integrated in many application and web servers, e.g. BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server and Tomcat.
  • supports unlimited grouping levels.
  • supports multi-language labels and formatting.

What about .NET

If your runtime environment only supports .NET or your software is programmed in .NET and not Java - you still will be able to use i-net Clear Reports or embed it into your application.

Have a look at the .NET runtime for developers


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