Editions of i-net Clear Reports

i-net Clear Reports Server

i-net Clear Reports Server can be used out-of-the-box on almost any environment on almost every platform. The server provides reporting functions across intranet or world wide web.

It also provides the report designer from the remote interface. The i-net Designer is the core application for creating new reports.

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i-net Clear Reports SDK

The SDK contains all files for the Server in the form of Java jar files as well as .NET dll files needed for embedding i-net Clear Reports into your product.

In addition it provides the sample code and API documentation.

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Developer documentation.

i-net Clear Reports Designer

Create and run reports free of charge. The i-net Designer is fully functional and without time limitations.

The Designer program is 100% pure Java and therefore available to all platforms supporting Java 111) and higher. The installation is custom-made for your system e.g. Windows setup, OSX drag&drop or Debian packaged.

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Standard License

i-net Clear Reports has a simple two-level license model: Standard and Plus. Standard contains the basics you need to successfully run the reporting server and have your reports executed on request.

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Plus License

By using the Plus license, you will get more powerful features like the report Drive and Task Planner. Besides, you will also get options for better scalability via hard-disk and database caching of reports.

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which is bundled with the setup

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