Java 9 Support

Berlin, Sep 22, 2017

Because of the availability of Oracle Java 9 you should note that we support Java 9 only with the following upcoming versions:

  • i-net Clear Reports 17.1
  • i-net HelpDesk 8.1
  • i-net PDFC 4.2

If you use a program version previous to the above versions, then do not update to Java 9.

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i-net PDFC - New Release 4.1

Berlin, Feb 07, 2017

We proudly present the release of i-net PDFC 4.1, our outstanding PDF comparison solution. The release includes a major new feature: the TaskPlanner.

The TaskPlanner is a scheduling mechanism to run single- or batch comparisons time or trigger-based and store or process their results.

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i-net Clear Reports - New Major Release 17.0

Berlin, May 15, 2017

i-net software proudly announces the new major release i-net Clear Reports 2017.

The following features have been added / improved:

  • Task Planner replaces Scheduler
  • LetsEncrypt (https certificate provider) can be updated using the Task Planner
  • Improved rendering of Reports embedded in Emails send via the Task Planner
    • Will provide better support for most mail clients, except any kind of Outlook software
  • SDK comes with new sample plugins and Gradle scripts to compile them
  • Standalone HelpCenter for the documentation
  • Datasources can be saved using a Maintenance Backup Task

For more information about changes in this major release, please have a look at the release notes.

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Spring 2017 JDBC Driver Update

Berlin, Mar 22, 2017

i-net software proudly announces the release of new i-net JDBC Driver versions.

The following JDBC driver versions have been updated:

  • i-net JDBC Drivers for Oracle Server, version 4.00
  • i-net JDBC Drivers for Microsoft SQL Server, version 8.08
  • i-net Konnekter, version 2.22
  • i-net Gate 2.26

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i-net PDFC - New Major Release 4.0

Berlin, Feb 07, 2017

We proudly present the release of i-net PDFC 4.0, a major release packed with a lot of new features as well a Server for online comparison in a multi-user environment.

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