i-net Cowork - New Release 23.4

Berlin, Apr 27, 2023

i-net software proudly announces the release 23.4 of i-net CoWork. This release contains bug fixes and some new features like:

  • It is possible to reply to messages. The user of the quoted message is automatically mentioned and gets a notification about the reply
  • Messages, channels and users for direct messages can be found via the global search bar
  • Management of members of teams and channels has been improved
  • Channels support uploading of custom icons
  • The color markers used to highlight new messages in channels can be set as follows: mentions only, all messages or completely disabled
  • Support for inline WebP and videos
  • In the “Emoji” dialog of the configuration interface, custom emoji can be added via SVG
  • An extra page with details of logged-in users and created messages has been added for the diagnostic application. Other CoWork plugins can add additional information
  • Automatic playback of gif animations and videos can be customized in the settings
  • Links to web pages in messages additionally generate a preview with title, description and image if the web page contains appropriate Open Graph or Twitter metatags
  • A free Elgato Stream Deck plugin is available to control voice and video chats
  • Added plugin to talk to ChatGPT using bot commands
  • The bundled Java VM Eclipse Temurin was updated to version 17.0.6

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