Reporting Solution

i-net Clear Reports is a full-blown reporting solution completely coded in Java and also available for .NET. It is suitable for all sorts of applications and scenarios.

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PDF Content Comparer

i-net PDFC is an intuitive and intelligent comparison tool to see the differences in PDF files. It does not just do a simple text check but compares the actual content and structure of the files.

Quick Features

  • Content aware, not pixel-by-pixel check
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Command line access to compare multiple files
  • Server for multi-user environment

Developers can leverage of the comparison engine by accessing it using our public API e.g for JUnit or server side integration.

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i-net JDBC Drivers

i-net JDBC drivers are well-known for high performance and support at a very reasonable price. Since they are entirely coded in Java, JDBC Type 4 drivers are platform-independent.

Support your Customers

i-net HelpDesk is a web-based supporting solution. A fast implementation and simple handling distinguishes this product.
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Other Products

We have a broad portfolio of software: several small, helpful and free of charge programs for non-commercial usage.

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