Doqua Search

i-net Doqua offers a fast search for all functions it offers. You will be able to do simple searches for documents with certain errors or do complex searches over several properties. A search consists of filters for the properties and states a document has.

A search is a group of conditions which are to be true in order for a result to be included in the results. It is possible to specify a condition as being one of many possibilities. To do this, simply click the Plus Button () beside the filter.

The interface is simple and straight-forward. You can save and load favorite searches over i-net Doqua sessions and restart older searches from the current session out of a search history.

Available Filters

  • Document Name - Search documents by name
  • Errors - Select the category of an error
  • Error Types - Filter the impact of an error
  • Favorite - use your Favorites as a sub-filter
  • Group - Select documents by User Groups
  • Project - Select documents by Project
  • Property - Select documents by i-net Doqua internal properties
  • Style - Select documents by their assigned styles
  • Tag - Select documents by their assigned tags
  • Tag Expires - Select tags by the expiry date range
  • User - Select documents by User

Toolbar Buttons

  • Load favorite - loads a favorite search
  • Save as favorite - saves the current search as a favorite
  • Delete Favorite - removes the current search from your favorites search (you have to have opened a favorite search)
  • History - cycles through the latest searches and re-runs them
  • New Search - creates an empty search
  • Edit search - edits the current search
  • Start search - starts or re-runs the current search


You can save a search to be a “favorite”. This will preserve the search over i-net Doqua sessions.

Expert Mode

The Doqua search filter always takes all properties that have searchable content into account. But sometimes it is needed to do a search on one property only. Therefore some filters are allowed to be chained by their results.

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