Style Browser

The Style Browser will help you to keep track of assigned styles to your documents. It displays a tree of your styles where the styles are nodes and your documents are leafs.

You can see all documents with an assigned style when opening the first node. If there are documents with other styles, you will see another style node inside the first one and so on.

Inverse Browsing

By pressing the filter button () the Style Browser displays which styles are not assigned to a document.

Without browsing through your document tree using e.g. the Doqua Navigator you can directly see which styles are not assigned to a document. If there is more than one styles that has not been assigned yet, you can browse the tree as described above.

Global and local Documents

If you have a large amount of documents, the toolbar button for the currently selected documents () will help you. By pressing this button the browser will only display documents from your current selection in a navigator, e.g. Doqua Navigator.

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