Runtime Errors

It is possible that i-net Doqua runs into a problem while parsing the i-net Doqua project files or when something unforseen happens. In this view you will have these errors displayed.

When does i-net Doqua run into errors?

  • during checkin / checkout of the i-net Doqua project files there may be inconsistencies. If one of the project files get corrupted either way i-net Doqua will tell.
  • sudden parser errors
  • if i-net Doqua runs into invalid states e.g:
    • internal IDs are missing
    • files do not exist in the filesystem, but in the i-net Doqua project files

What can you do to get back to a valid state?

  • resolve version control conflicts
  • replace your current i-net Doqua project files with previous ones

In heavy error states you can also contact and send them your project.xml, global.xml and the entire error log.

What's next?


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