i-net Crystal-Clear 10.0 released

Berlin, Jul 08, 2010

i-net software proudly announces the major version release of i-net Crystal-Clear 10.0. This release makes the biggest leap forward ever, enabling full web-based reporting. You can now create reports on the fly, edit reports with our i-net Designer online - without client installation - and manage every server side needed option from your browser.

Here is what you get:

  • Ad Hoc additionally is a component that can be integrated into your product - e.g. it is the new report wizard in the i-net Designer.
  • You can use the i-net Designer as online report editor from the Report Repository to edit existing reports without a client installation.
  • The HTML prompt dialog has been reworked, streamlined and “AJAXified”. It now supports cascading prompts.
  • The report server supports XMLRPC along with WebDav to access certain report and server properties (this will be further improved in the future, but you can let us know what you would like to do via XMLRPC)
  • The i-net Designer now fully supports fonts and datasources from your report server so you can design reports directly in the runtime environment.
  • We have reworked the Visual Linking and Database Dialogs in the i-net Designer.
  • The menu structure of the i-net Designer has been reordered to improve report based workflows
  • Autocompletion is now part of the formula editor. Simply press CTRL+Space.
  • Need to install i-net Crystal-Clear on headless server system? We've got that covered with our new headless setup.

There are several bug fixes, API changes and a lot smaller improvements as well. For detailed information about the release, please have a look at the major changes for i-net Crystal-Clear 10.0.

You can download i-net Crystal-Clear 10.x from our download area. We added an additional download file for Mac OSX users, who can now install using a native app. They will then have OSX like applications for the i-net Designer and standalone server as well.


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