i-net Crystal-Clear 10 Beta

Berlin, May 31, 2010

The beta version of i-net Crystal-Clear 10, the upcoming major release of our reporting solution, is now available for download. Among other things, this release features an innovative way of creating reports without being an expert of database or report design: Ad hoc reporting.

Version 10 of i-net Crystal-Clear further improves the web interface to the report server. We added an ad hoc reporting module, remote data source management and further enhancements to the report repository. Authorized users can now edit reports directly from the remote repository using i-net Designer with a single click.

You're an administrator and want to install i-net Crystal-Clear on your headless system? You'll love the new console installation mode. The new setup determines your configuration and seamlessly offers a GUI or console-based installation for i-net Crystal-Clear servers.

Two additional advantages of Version 10:

  • the i-net Designer features a new Report Wizard which is based upon the new ad hoc reporting component.
  • the Prompt Dialog for report exports from the server, e.g. PDF or Excel, has been entirely rewritten to offer a streamlined, “AJAXified” interface which now supports cascading prompts.

Download i-net Crystal-Clear 10.x from our download area.


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