• cross-platform, 64-bit capable
  • HTML4 and XHTML compatible
  • edit simple HTML on-the-fly
  • can be embedded into your application
  • perfect for Mail Clients since JWebEngine passes the Email Acid Test
  • component implementation is compatible to Sun's HTMLDocument
  • supports any JEditorPane or JTextPane
  • enables you to create custom link handlers
  • support for SSL and HTTP-Authentication for trusted sites
  • basic support for HTML forms
  • display and edit tables
  • full support for lists including CSS styles
  • image cache and support for synchronized rendering
  • supports headless systems, e.g. for thumbnail generation
  • implements a Java object model structure which allows custom model handlers, e.g. RTF as output format
  • can be integrated with JOrtho to add spell checking to your HTML editor



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