i-net Crystal-Clear 10.0.181 - Update Release

Berlin, Sep 07, 2010

i-net software announces an updated version of i-net Crystal-Clear 10.0, featuring an all new file chooser as well as a new i-net Designer configuration dialog. They complete our recent major release in terms of better integration of the powerful repository and ad hoc capabilities in the i-net Designer, first introduced in i-net Crystal-Clear 10.

This makes the i-net Designer more powerful and feature-packed than ever, without losing its focus and simplicity.

Configuration Dialog

The new i-net Designer configuration dialog combines all settings that you want to make from the i-net Designer within one dialog. You can edit all your local i-net Crystal-Clear configurations as well as setting up new repository connections.

To ease setting up your configuration and find settings faster, we added a search throughout the dialog. Just type in what you are looking for and select the search entry. The dialog will automatically navigate you to the panel and highlight the setting.

i-net Designer - Options Dialog

File Chooser

Our new file chooser dialog combines the system file chooser with our repository file chooser. Now you have one single dialog for opening and saving your reports anywhere. In addition, it features a report preview as well as detailed report information without having to open the report.

i-net Designer - File Chooser for opening and saving reports



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