i-net Clear Reports 2011

Berlin, Mar 09, 2011

we are excited to let you know that i-net Clear Reports 2011 has been released. We have changed our name from i-net Crystal-Clear to i-net Clear Reports. Drop “Crystal” - leave it to simple naming for easy-to-use reporting.

In addition to the pure Java version we now offer a brand new .NET version of the i-net Clear Reports server plus libraries. Users who want to integrate reporting in their .NET applications can now do so with our extensive .NET API.

Last but not least, anyone can use the new Free Designer Edition for designing and running reports at no cost for non-commercial usage.

Most important changes:

  • .NET version of the i-net Clear Reports server and the libraries
  • Free Designer Edition
  • The i-net Designer and the i-net Clear Reports server now require Java 6 as the minimum version of the Java virtual machine. The i-net Clear Reports viewer applet requires Java 5.
  • The all-new formula editor of the i-net Designer enables you to create User Defined Functions as well as to quickly switch between formulas while editing. User Defined Functions can be used in any other formula in the report.
  • We added a Problem Finder to the designer which will assist you in finding potential problems in your reports.
  • All major chart types now support gradients and look even better than before.

For more information about changes in this major release, please have a look at the major changes document and at the more detailed changes.


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